Tonight’s photo of a house with a 25 foot shark in the roof is a little different.. But
it’s nowhere near the sea, not on the East Coast of the USA, or Australia where
they are used to sharks, and shark sightings. This house is in Headington, a
suburb of Oxford in England. A BBC Radio presenter called Bill Heine commissioned
an artist to build the 25 foot shark statue out of acrylic, and the shark first
plummeted into the roof of the house in August 1986. It was greeted with shock
and anger from local residents, and became the focus of a lengthy planning
battle with residents demanding it be removed. Eventually in 1992 it was given
planning permission to remain in the roof on the ground that’s every town
should have “some small place for the dynamic, the unexpected, and the
downright quirky”. Over the years it has become one of Headington’s most
well-loved members of the community. By the way there is no head sticking
through the roof, it is flat, and has no impact on the building other than the
fact that the ceiling in the room below it is slightly lower than the rest of
the rooms. Whatever turns you on.